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East Side – The Tenacious Travelers

Location: Hohoe, Ghana, Africa

January 7, 2010

Hohoe, a quaint little town that is larger than Wa and situated about half way up the Volta region. Near the Togo border not so much here but a good base for a couple of sites which is why we were here. We checked into the Hotel Grand, which was probably not the most apt name for this basic old hotel, but it was clean and cheap, so it did the job.

After checking into the hotel, we went straight out in a taxi to Wli waterfalls which are supposed to be the best in Ghana. There are two waterfalls here, the lower and upper falls. They are billed as the “Highest Water Falls in West Africa” because there are two distinct water falls might mean that the altitude at which they start is the highest because each of their drops is not all the large. The hike to the lower falls takes about 30 minutes along a nice flat path, while the upper falls is a two-hour arduous hike up a mountain path. Pat, Patricia and Alison opted for just the lower falls while Cath, Laura and I decided to do both.

The hike was tough, the air was warm and humid, the views were amazing, and the jungle was full of butter flies. It did take about two hours and we were all covered in sweat by the time we reached the pool of the lower falls, but it was all worth it. It was a picturesque waterfall surrounded by jungle with a view out over the surrounding valleys plus a cool pool of water to wade into to cool off. One of the nicest waterfalls I have seen mostly because of the setting. After a quick (45 minutes) hike back down to the lower falls we joined the others and went for a quick swim in the pool below the lower falls. The lower falls are very nice to, not a gorgeous but still a great site to behold. After an hour we grabbed a Tro back to Hohoe. This was our last night with Alison because she had to head to Accra to attend to some business there before heading back north.

The next day we wanted to do something easy, so we climbed the “Highest Mountain in Ghana”. Now I put this in quotes because when we reached the top there was a mountain range that was clearly a little higher than it, but this was explained as we were on the tallest single peak while that was a range, but I digress. The hike took us only about 45 minutes, the path was better than the falls. The view from the top was nice, but because it’s the Harmattan the air is full of dust, so you can’t see that far and it’s hazy.  Apparently on a clear day you can see Lake Volta and beyond, oh well can’t have everything now can we. The hike back down was nice and easy, and we had even brought a little food to have at the bottom.

We wanted to go to a water fall that is a 45-minute walk from the base of the mountain, but this was another GHC 5 on top of the GHC 5 that we had paid just to climb the mountain. The guide told us that since we had been to Wli falls these falls would not compare.

It was a nice easy day and was a good end to the holiday. It is sad to know that the adventure is coming to an end. We had planned to try and go to Lake Volta for a boat trip but unfortunately, we have run out of time, we need to head home. Got work on Monday and want to have a little time to relax and get back into the swing of things in Wa.

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